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Chinese Made Easier

What you will learn

Learn Chinese from Beginner level

Build up basic vocabularies from HSK standard course

Learn to communicate for basic life needs

Clear Grammar explanation helps you understand easily


HSK Standard Course 1 Lesson 1-5 provides the lessons for beginners who want to learn from the Chinese pronunciation and tones.

Except the pronunciation, learners will learn some simple sentences like ‘ what’s your name?’’Where are you from?’’ How old are you?’- It’s okay to ask the age in China, even the elderly people will be happy to tell you their ages.

Learners will also learn the basic Chinese Characters from Strokes. And some origins of the Characters and how to write them and of course the meanings.  In this way, learners and remember the Characters better.

Learners will also learn the Numbers from 1 -100 which is quite logical for learners to remember and also very important to use in spending Money when buying things in daily life.

At the beginning, the tones and pronunciations are very important to practice. Because the same pronunciation with different tones could mean different things. If you don’t want to be misunderstood, please practice carefully and seriously and try to write the Pinyin with tones with your pencil.

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Hope you can follow my explanations and allow yourself to review with enough time and times. Of course, I also hope you can enjoy learning Chinese from the beginning. Now let’s work together to start the journey to explore!




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