Building Spring Boot REST API


In this course, we will build a simple Spring Boot REST API.

We will use the below technology stack to build a simple Spring Boot REST API.

  • Spring Boot
  • Spring Boot Starter Web
  • Spring Boot Starter Data JPA
  • Spring Boot Actuator
  • H2 Database
  • Springfox Swagger 2
  • Java 11

Course Objectives

  • Understanding Spring Boot – When was Spring Boot created and What is it?
  • Benefits of using Spring Boot – Why to use Spring Boot?
  • Very Important Features of Spring Boot
  • SpringBootApplication Annotation – What are the benefits of using @SpringBootApplication.
  • Auto Configuration – What is Auto Configuration and How we can enable it ? How to create Custom Auto Configuration ?
  • Spring Boot Starters – What are the benefits of using Starters? How to add these starters in the Application?
  • Embedded Servers – Know about different Embedded Servers and how to override the default port and also change the Server.
  • Spring Boot Actuator – What is the use of Spring Boot Actuator? What are the different actuator endpoints ?
  • What is REST? Understand the actual meaning of REST(Representation State Transfer)
  • REST Principles – Understand various REST Principles in Depth
  • REST Verbs and Idempotent Verbs
  • Designing resource URIs in REST API
  • Build a Simple Spring Boot REST API
  • Explore H2 Console
  • Explore Actuator Endpoints
  • Use Swagger UI to hit all the exposed endpoints of the REST API and test different scenarios.






Getting Started with Spring Boot

Spring Boot – When , What and Why?

Spring Initializr

SpringBootApplication Annotation

@SpringBootApplication as @Configuration

@SpringBootApplication as @ComponentScan

Spring Boot Quiz

Auto Configuration in Spring Boot

AutoConfiguration using @SpringBootApplication

@Conditional annotations

Custom Auto Configuration

AutoConfiguration and Conditional Annotations Quiz

More Spring Boot Features

Spring Boot Starters

Embedded Servers

Spring Boot Actuator

Spring Boot Features Quiz

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Other Technology Stacks

Swagger,Spring Data JPA and H2 Database

Other Technology Stacks Quiz

All About REST

What is REST?

REST Principles

REST Verbs and Nouns


Building Spring Boot REST API

Architecture and Technology Stack

Generate Project in Spring Initializr and data.sql changes

Swagger and other Code Changes

Understanding @RestController

Creating RestController Class

Run Application and Explore H2 Console

Explore Actuator End Points

Explore Swagger UI and hit all Rest API end points

Building Spring Boot REST API Quiz


Final Quiz

Bonus Lecture