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In 2021 be able to Build, Setup and customize eCommerce websites using WordPress and WooCommerce. SEO Training included!

What you will learn

Be able to create WordPress eCommerce website

Installation of WordPress on a Web Hosting

Installation of WordPress on Computer (MAC/Windows)

WordPress Basics (Pages, menus, themes, plugins, settings)

Convert a static WordPress website to a dynamic eCommerce Website

WooCommerce product settings

eCommerce website Tax Settings

eCommerce Shipping Settings

Payment Settings (Check/Cash On Delivery/IBFT)

Paypal payment gateway setup

Stripe Payment gateway setup

eCommerce Accounts Privacy settings

Store Coupons Management

WordPress website designs

Archive and Single Pages Design in WordPress

Mobile Rendering (Responsive Website) in WordPress

On Page SEO for WordPress

Off Page SEO WordPress

Custom domain Emails

Addon Domains

Website Speed Optimization in WordPress

Image Compression in WordPress


This COMPLETE & COMPREHENSIVE WordPress for eCommerce course will teach you exactly How to Build fully-functional e-commerce (online store) websites using the powerful CMS i.e. WordPress, along with the most popular WordPress plugin/addon, WooCommerce! After completing this course, you will be prepared to start your own online business using custom products and WordPress with minimal upfront costs.

In this Comprehensive 15 hours online course, you will not only build an eCommerce site with WordPress but you will also be given some WordPress SEO (search engine optimization) tips/tricks/strategies with which you will be able to rank your WordPress website’s highly effective keywords in top of the Google/Bing with no prior experience at all.

We will cover this course in four basic steps:

1. Installation: First, we will learn how to install WordPress on a server and then convert it to an eCommerce website.
2. Settings: Then, we will understand the settings part where we will set shipping rates, tax rates, integrate payment gateways to accept credit cards on our WordPress site, and much much more.
3. Design: After that, we will design pages in WordPress using page builders.
4. Market: We will end this course by understanding how to optimize our website for search engines.

While it’s never been easier to start a business online and make living selling products on a WordPress website, many people get lost when it comes to creating a stylish WordPress website. By following this course, you will BE ABLE to build a powerful WordPress eCommerce store with products and get ahead in your journey as an entrepreneur.

I’ll walk you through every step in how to use WordPress and build an eCommerce website through a series of videos. I’ve also included useful resource documents for you to reference.

~I know where you’re at.

~I know where you’re coming from.

By the end of this course, you will BE ABLE to build any professional eCommerce WordPress website for your own or for your clients.

Best Of Luck!

See you inside the course





What we will make?

Before you begin

How to ask Questions?

What are the requirements?

Lets get the Web Hosting

Installation of WordPress in Web Hosting

Install WordPress Locally (Watch this section if you do not wish to buy hosting)

Read Me

Installation of WordPress on Windows

Installation of WordPress in MacOS

WordPress Basics (Leave this section if you already know how WordPress works)

WordPress complete overview

How to create Pages and Menus

What are themes?

What are plugins?

All about eCommerce functionalities

What does eCommerce website contain?

Installing plugin and adding our first Product

General Settings

Product Settings (General)

Product Settings (Inventory)

Tax Settings

Shipping Methods

Payment Settings

Paypal integration Using API

Debit card Payment gateway integration

Accounts Settings

Demo ordering on the website and email settings

Advanced Settings

Coupon Management


The Products Tab

Product Type 1: Simple Products

Product Type 2: Variable Product

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Product Type 3: Affiliate Product

Product Type 4: Grouped Products

Product Type 5: Downloadable Products

What are Categories?

What are Tags?

What are Attributes?

Upsells and Cross sells

Designing the eCommerce website

What you will learn in this section?

Before you begin

Bug Fix

How Themes Work?

Designing the Header (with menu cart)



Designing the shop (Archive) pages

Convert normal search to product search

Convert normal search to product search (JavaScript Code)

Single Product Design

Page Builders Overview

Theme Settings For Page Builder

Sections Vs Columns Vs Elements

Elementor Basic Stylings

Hero Section Design

Margins and Paddings

Home Page Design: Category

Home Page Design: Product Shortcodes

Home Page Design: Category Shortcodes

Home Page Design: CTA

Home Page Design: For Him/Her

Transparent Header

Designing the rest of the pages

Mobile Rendering

Introduction to this section

Theme customizer settings for mobile

Elementor Mobile Rendering

Tablet rendering with theme customizer

Tablet rendering with elementor page builder

eCommerce Extra Features

What you will learn in this section?

Variation Swatches in Variable Products

Image Flipper

Infinite Scroll


Product Slider

Currency Switcher

SEO Crash Course

Introduction to this section

How google knows what your website is all about?

SEO Factors

How to plan and choose your keywords?

What Pages are necessary?

WordPress and SEO

Installing the SEO Plugin on WordPress

Settings of SEO plugin

Single Product SEO Settings

Increasing the Website Speed

If your slider doesn’t show images, watch this

Submission of website to Search Engines (Google/Bing/Yandex)

All about Web Hosting

Introduction to this section

Domain Email Accounts

Setup email client on an iPhone/Android

Email AutoResponders

Email Forwarders

Addon Domain + SSL

How to Migrate website from computer (LocalHost) to online server