High-quality tutorials providing you with important stuff, leading to amazing results in video editing using OpenShot.



Video Editing has become and advanced and powerful features in the social media world, by this being said thousands of people are looking for either to create and edit their own amazing videos or look out for someone, who can make their dream videos, so wouldn’t it be cool, if you could make and edit your own custom amazing videos with a very high quality.

So my name is Pascal and I this is why I created the course, basically I will be the leading instructor of this course, who will lead you to amazing results in Video Editing. We will start from the real beginning, which means we will start first of all out with installing the software and materials we will use, then we will cover everything we need like creating & saving projects, add images / text / audio and much more to out video clip and advanced things, like censoring things in the video, use effects & transitions and much more, which is and could be useful for video editing.

Remember this course was build and designed with a 100% free open source software, which allows me to give you the best lectures and resources in this online course. So you don’t have to pay an extra amount of money to get all the programs and materials we will use in the course done and installed.

So basically if you are interested in learning how to edit and create amazing videos, this course is made for you. Also if you are not a 100% sure with this course, remember you can still get your money back, by Udemy’s 30 Day money back guarantee, but you are also able to create questions and conversations or direct message me and suggestion things I could change or make better, so I can exactly add or remove the things you request, so we can have a peaceful and great time of learning together.


So basically being said, if you are now interested in this course, you can enroll into this course and fully trust me with this, because I already got a lot of experience in this topic and I am really confidant, that I am able to lead you to amazing results in a very quick and efficient way. Also at the end I just wanted to say thank you for taking your time for reading this.




Video Editing – Introduction

Installing OpenShot

Understanding OpenShot

Video Editing – Useful Tools

Installing OBS & Audacity

Understanding Audacity

Understanding OBS

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Video Editing – Edit / Create your Video Clips

Creating a new Project

Setup your Video Clip

Adding custom Effects to your Clip

Adding custom Transitions to your Clip

Blur things in your Clip

Adding Texts and Image to your Clip

Using the Greenscreen effect

Video Clip Properties

Change video speed of your Clip

Using Audio in your Clip

Video Editing – Ending

Export your Video Correctly

Thank You