10 steps to immediately become more productive, achieve your goals, delegate tasks, stress less with work/life success

What you will learn

Techniques that made me $400,000 in one year, and put me top of my class in Ranger Selection and Ranger School.

Take control of your mindset and energy levels to increase your productivity.

Discover and apply time-management and productivity strategies, techniques, and hacks.

Discover why you are not as productive as you could be and develop a plan to improve

Most useful tools, techniques, and habits used for time and calendar management.

Build a personalized productivity system so you can be on top of it all.

How to set crystal clear goals and develop a step by step plan of execution.

Learn how to refocus, regain lost time, and increase your productivity!

Use single-tasking, time blocking, documentation and breaks to focus on the job more effectively.

Plan your daily, weekly, and long-term work & goals to save time and reduce stress.

Why take this course?


– As a special operations veteran and CEO, I have religiously used these productivity techniques to lead teams of Army Rangers overseas on combat deployments and to scale my ecommerce businesses to 6 figures in less than a year.

Who this course is for:

– People who want to learn the techniques that made me $400,000 in one year, and put me top of my class in Ranger Selection and Ranger School.

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Specifically, this course will cover:

  • Prioritize effectively so that you can spend the right amount of time on the right things…for you, your family and your job.
  • The Building Blocks to be successful and get exactly what you want.
  • Backwards Planning!!! – How to structure the perfect plan to acheive your goals in less time and less stress.
  • Common Roadblocks to Productivity (and how to combat them!)
  • 80/20 Rule and Eisenhower Matrix – How to prioritize and delegate certain tasks
  • SAVERS Morning Ritual – How to structure your perfect morning
  • Task Management – How to keep track of it all without relying on your memory.
  • 10x multiple – How to master productivity and prioritization
  • Time Hacks – How to control schedules: yours, employees, children, etc.
  • Planning – How taking a few moments now saves your future self TONS of time.
  • Focus – How to increase focus and minimize the impact of distractions.
  • Resources: Time Management sheets to use daily
  • Personal Development strategies and skills

KEEP LEARNING! Personal development is the key to success and there’s always room to improve.

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you” – Zig Ziglar

“The more you learn, the more you earn.” – Warren Buffett