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What you will learn

How to host API in Azure

How to Authentication Web Project in Azure

How to access API with Postman

How to access API with Web Project


In this course I’ll show how we can authenticate API and Web project using the Azure Active Directory.

I have used Single Tenant Authentication however the concepts remain same for the Multi Tenant Authentication.

I have also mentioned in this project that how we can access the API using Postman.

What is Single Tenant & Multi Tenant ?

  • Single-tenant apps are only available in the tenant they were registered in, also known as their home tenant.
  • Multi-tenant apps are available to users in both their home tenant and other tenants.


Visual Studio 2019

Azure Subscription – Even the disabled account also you can use as it allows you to use the Azure Active Directory for 12 months for free.

Benefit of Single Tenant Authentication

– Programming model is simpler

– App management is easier.

-No extra effort to block external user access.

-Service principal provisioning is not required.

-Works great for small number of users

Features Work in Azure AD

Application Management


    – B2B authentication -Manage your guest users and external partners, while maintaining control over your own corporate data

    -B2C authentication -Customize and control how users sign up, sign in, and manage their profiles when using your apps

Conditional access

Domain Services

Hybrid Identity

Identity Governance

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Identity Protection

Managed identities for Azure resources

Privileged identity management (PIM)

Reports and monitoring






Softwares Required

Create API Application

Create API Project

Register the API in Azure Portal

Running the API Project

Create Client Application in Azure Portal

Register the Client application in Azure

Access the API with Postman

Configure Postman

Client Web App

Create the Client Project

Update the App Settings for Azure AD and API

Update Startup.cs

Create Token Service

Fetch the Token

Add Implementation of Get

Update the Controller

Fix the Issues and add Client Secret