Understand the principles behind real time streaming using Spark


With the IT revolution 4.0, streaming data become the key to the success of many organizations. But to get this key most of the organizations preferred Apache Spark as the helping hand. Join us on the expedition to the introductory course on Spark Streaming, which would help you to kick start your journey in Stream Processing,  its evolution over time, a detailed comparison with other similar technologies along with pragmatic hands-on exercise related to Spark Streaming.

Here is the detailed agenda of the course:

1. What is Stream Processing?

2. Challenges in Dealing with Streams

3. Why Spark for Streaming?

4. Evolution of Spark Streaming

5. Hands-on Demonstration

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About the Instructor


What is Stream Processing?

Optional: Spark Overview

Why Spark for Streaming?

Evolution of Stream Processing

Challenges with Stream Processing


Additional Lecture: KStreams vs Spark Streaming

Additional Lecture: Lambda vs Kappa Architecture