Datawarehousing as a Service!

What you will learn

Gain Holistic Picture of Snowflake

Experience Classroom like environment via White-boarding sessions

Demo on Snowflake Trial Environment


Are you also perturbed about Scalability, Performance and Cost of your existing Data Warehouses?

We have a solution for you!

Just keep your gung-ho high and join the live webinar on Snowflake. Snowflake provides Data Warehousing as a Service. It opens the door to numerous benefits including almost Zero maintenance, On Demand Scaling in just a few seconds, Simplifying Data Sharing, Zero Copy Cloning etc.


  1. Evolution of Data Warehousing Technologies
  2. What is Snowflake?
  3. Snowflake vs RedShift
  4. Key Concepts
  5. Snowflake Architecture
  6. Setting up Snowflake Trial Account
  7. Demo
  8. Usecase: Implementing Change Data Capture in Snowflake

Please note that this is not an official course from Snowflake.

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Evolution of Big Data Technologies

Challenges with Traditional Data Warehouses and Big Data Warehouses

Data Warehouses vs Data Lakes

Why Snowflake?

RedShift vs Snowflake

Snowflake Architecture

Setting up Snowflake Trial Account

Snowflake Demo

Limitations of Snowflake