Learn to centralize your schemas for optimizing the Kafka Ecosystem


With the evolution in the technologies, we have been come through a long way ahead. Now we are not only analyzing Structured or Semi-Structured data but Unstructured as well. As the various data sources increases, there is sudden spike has been observed in various types of schemas as well. For smooth analytics process there is requirement of managing these schemas especially in the case of Real-Time data. One of the best solution for both the problems is Confluent Platform in which we have Apache Kafka and Schema Registry for handling the schemas of real-time data. Join our course to dive deep into the schema registry, schema evolution, kafka ecosystem with/without Schema Registry, along with pragmatic hands-on experience.

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Here is detailed Agenda for the course:

  • What is Confluent Schema Registry?
  • Kafka Ecosystem Architecture with/without Schema Registry
  • Schema Evolution
  • Demo

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What is Confluent Schema Registry?

Kafka Ecosystem Architecture with Schema Registry

Kafka Ecosystem Architecture without Schema Registry

Schema Evolution