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African Empires of Biblical Antiquity
Identifying the great Black or African Empires through the lens of biblical history and biblical anthropology

What you will learn

How to define the biblical lands as an Afro-Asiatic world rather than the European definition of Middle East

How to identify the great African Empires in the biblical accounts, and their contributions

How to explain biblical anthropology and etymology through an African ancestral lens

How to identify the historical attempts to de-Africanize the Biblical Story

How to connect human origins to the African world from a biblical lens

How the theological concept of divine election influences ethnic prejudice in history

How the West African cultural anthropology connects with Egyptian/Hebrew religion and the biblical story


Throughout history, whether through deliberate action, ignorance or dismissive attitudes, a de-Africanized view of the Bible has been normalized. This course will challenge narratives that seek to diminish the black and African presence in the bible, and will show that it is in an Afro-Asiatic context that the events and stories of the bible occur. The great African empires of the bible will become more visible and prominent through these lectures. Part of the liberation and justice work on behalf of those classified as black is affirming the historical contributions to human history and religion by black or African civilizations which has been historically whitewashed. This course will analyze the Gen. 10, “Table of Nations,” and will correct many common misnomers and inaccuracies about the descendants of Noah. It will also show the rise of the great African empires and their connection to the larger biblical narrative and tradition. The course will provide an Afrocentric view of what is meant by the term, “biblical lands,” as one analyzes contemporary biblical maps. One of the problematic aspects of the way that the biblical story is perceived is the doctrine of divine election, and this course will show a better way of viewing Israel’s history. It will answer questions such as: Where did the populations of the bible originate? Where did Noah’s flood occur? and What African empires influenced Jewish history? You will be challenged with other perspectives as you study.

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Introduction to Black Biblical Antiquities

Contemporary Definitions of Blackness and Ancient Anthropology
Questions from the Introductory Section

Origin Stories and Early African Civilizations

Noah, Lake Chad, and the African Aqualithic
Eden, Ham, Kush and Kedar in Light of Origins
The History of Nimrod–The Man Who Ruled the World Part 1
The History of Nimrod–The Man Who Ruled the World Part 2
Questions Based on Section 2 of This Lecture Series

The Afro-Asiatic Kingdoms of the Hebrew Bible

The Semetic Orientation of the Table of Nations and the Role of Egypt
Kush, Egypt and the 25th Dynasty Part 1
Kush, Egypt and the 25th Dynasty Part 2
Sheba, Askum and the Land of Punt
The Influence of African Kingdoms in Israelite Culture and Religion
Makeda–The Yardstick of Intellectual and Economic Greatness
Questions Based on Section 3 of the Series

West African Civilizations and Biblical Antiquity

The Hausa Kingdom and the Twin Pyramids of Niger Republic
The Genesis Record of African Origins
Akan, Ashanti, Bantu and the Kanem Bornu Empire
Kanem-Bornu, Mali, and Songhai Empires in Light of Biblical Antiquity
Quiz Based on Section 4 of this Course