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Master advanced Excel formulas and shortcuts with real world business examples. Increase your productivity.

What you will learn

Solve complex problems with Excel

Reduce complexity of your spreadsheets

Master advanced formulas such as Index + Match and SUMPRODUCT

Learn formula tricks that most Excel users don’t know exist

Slice and dice Excel data efficiently

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Shortcuts to reduce clicking and improve productivity


Take your Excel formula skills to the next level. Become more productive and efficient!

This course will teach you how to solve complex Excel problems quickly. You will learn advanced techniques to slice and dice data efficiently. All of the examples are business focused, so you can see how to be more productive in the real world.

  • Lookups – VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP formulas
  • Index + Match formula examples and tricks
  • SUMIF + SUMIFs formulas
  • COUNTIF + AVERAGEIF formulas
  • Wildcard character in formulas (most Excel users don’t know this exists)
  • Split first and last name using Left and Right formulas
  • Use the EOMonth and DATEDIF formulas with dates
  • Indirect formula to pull information from other worksheets
  • SUMPRODUCT formula, the most dynamic Excel formula
  • Array formulas
  • Excel shortcuts and efficiency tips that I use daily
  • Re-group rows using numbering and filtering
  • Select and delete blank value rows

These are tips and tricks that I use daily as a CPA accountant and with hundreds of clients. Every file used in the videos is included as a reference. Practice makes perfect, so you are encouraged to download all of the reference files and practice alongside the videos.

With efficiency in mind, there is no fluff. Every video jumps directly into the Excel formula or shortcut example. The course also includes a Q&A section where you can ask questions, reply to other students and myself. Let’s begin!



Quick Course Introduction
Welcome to the Course and Course Structure
Advanced Excel Formulas
Absolute and Relative References
Index + Match Formulas
Index + Match Another Example
Index + Match Trick
SUMIF + SUMIFs Formulas
Wildcard Character in Formulas
Split Names Using Left and Right Formulas
EOMonth Formula for Dates
Indirect Formula to Pull From Other Sheets
How the SUMPRODUCT Formula Works
Array Formulas
Excel Shortcuts and Efficiency Tips
Shortcuts and Efficiency Tips
Advanced Tips and Tricks
Re group Rows Using Numbering and Filtering
Re group Rows Using Numbering and Filtering