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Know your Power

What you will learn

Learn how Angels Communicate with you everyday

Learn How to communicate with your Guardians

Learn everyday tools to help deepen your Psychic Skills

Learn how to be in your psychic powers.


Why you should take this mini Course?

Did You know that you are more psychic and Divinely connected than you realize.

In this short class, learn how you can hear your Angels and Guardians.

The intention of this class is to help validate your own spiritual connections to your Angels and Guides.

Learn simple tips so you can start hearing your Angels and Guardians today.

*Please note the tips in this video can be used to connect with Loved ones in Spirit. It can also help you get a message from your Soulmate if you are single.

Who are the Guardians?

Angels and Guardians come with you in this world to help you see your power. 

They act as our teachers and protectors. They never make a decisions for us, but help us step on to our true path.

Who is the Teacher?

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Kelliena has been teaching psychic/intuitive classes for over 20 years. Kelliena works with the clients Guardians to help them see their energy and what aura is rising before them.

Please be sure to check out more psychic and intuitive classes with Kelliena here on Udemy and her Facebook page ~ Kelliena Psychic Readings

Know your true power.

Thank-you for taking this class.




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