An easy-to-understand guide to the Cambridge A-level Pure Mathematics Course (Paper 1)

What you will learn

Number families, surds and indices

Rationalizing a denominator

Functions and relations

Compound (composite) functions

Coordinate geometry



Are you finding pure mathematics confusing?

Are you overwhelmed by complex concepts, intimidating formulae, and mathematical jargon?

Are you looking for an easy-to-understand, video-based learning platform to help you ace your exams?

Well if so, then this course is perfect for you! I designed this mathematics course combining my years of experience, teaching at one of the most prestigious high schools in South Africa. Through my teaching methods I helped countless students demystify mathematical concepts; grow in their mathematical confidence; and attain top results in their year-end exams.

A-level Pure Mathematics 1 Made Easy is an easy-to-understand video-based learning platform, which is designed to fit hand-in-hand with the prescribed Cambridge Pure Mathematics A-level textbook. The visual-learning based format of the course accelerates learning, and provides an engaging delivery mechanism for the study of mathematics. Many of my previous students have found the use of visual aids or animations to be an invaluable tool in understanding more complex mathematical concepts. As a result I have combined some of the most helpful illustrations and examples into the course material.

This course provides a conversational-style and concise learning resource course, which acts as an invaluable tool for students studying in full-time learning institutions, and also for students studying via distance learning.

This course is recommended for students studying for their A-level mathematics qualification through the Cambridge University syllabus. It is however also applicable to almost all of the coursework contained in the Oxford A-level mathematics syllabus as well.




Chapter 1: Number Families, Surds and Indices

Number Families

Surds and Indices

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Rationalizing a Denominator

Chapter 2: Functions


Inverse Functions

Chapter 3: Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate Geometry

Straight-line Graphs

Chapter 4: Quadratics


Quadratic Functions

Quadratic Functions Worked Examples

The Quadratic Formula

The Discriminant

Disguised Quadratics

Quadratic Inequalities

Completing the Square