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Crack Technical Interview – OOPS ASP.NET C# DotNet MVC SQL

What you will learn

How to Crack DotNet Technology Interviews

500 DotNet Interview Question and Answers

5 DotNet Mock Interview for Practice

DotNet Interview Preparation


This course will prepare candidates for cracking .NET interviews.

This course is the result of giving and taking more than 200 interviews by the instructor.

This course has 3 things with in it.

1. BOOK – A book which contains 500 most important .NET interview questions. The book has two parts

Part I – It contains the top 100 interview questions asked in top IT and software companies.

Part II – It contains the remaining 400 interview questions.

All .NET interview questions are covered in the book which is attached with this course. The topics which are covered are like

Abstraction, Interfaces, Classes, Garbage Collections, Static, State management, Page life cycle, Stored procedures, Functions,

Cursors etc.

2. INTERVIEW PREPARATION TECHNIQUE – I have shared a technique which will help you in preparing effectively for the interviews.

Specially it will help in last minute preparation.

3. MOCK INTERVIEWS – This course also contains 5 mock interviews which will help you in practicing interviews. These mock

interviews contains the most basic and most important interview questions. The candidate must know answers of all these

questions before attending any .NET technical interview.

DISCLAIMER – Since this is a short 30 minute course, so all the 500 questions and answers are only in the PDF book which is attached to the course, NOT in videos.

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Any suggestions or comments are most welcome for improving the quality of this course.

In future I will include .NET Core, WEB API Interview questions in the course.








Mock Interviews

Overview – Mock Interview 1

Mock Interview 1

Overview – Mock Interview 2

Mock Interview 2

Overview – Mock Interview 3

Mock Interview 3

Overview – Mock Interview 4

Mock Interview 4

Overview – Mock Interview 5

Mock Interview 5