Get ability to start developing your own designs and to convert your thoughts into projects

What you will learn

Fusion 360 Autodesk

3D Design and Modeling

STL file export

Assembly and Joints

Bodies and components

Animations from Fusion 360


Fusion 360 is a very powerful CAD software & one can do a lot of different things right in this one software including 3D Designs, Simulations, 2D renders, 3D animation. Fusion 360 is integrated CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB software. We can export 3D printer files (STL files) and Laser cutting files (DXF files) directly from our design for fabrication using Fusion 360.

This course is divided into 4 sections:

Section 1 covers basics like software installation, licenses, navigation & interface, basic tools, appearances short keys, and sketches.

Section 2 covers different types of projects to understand the tools of fusion 360. Some common projects like ice cube tray and hexagon nut will be covered

Section 3 covers some advanced fundamentals like user parameters, assembly, bodies, and components.

Section 4 covers some bonus projects, to give you a better understanding of all tools at once.. Exporting files for 3D printers and Laser cutting machines etc.

The Fusion 360 is a free design tool for students and enthusiasts. At the end of this course, you will have the ability and confidence to start developing your own designs and to convert your thoughts into projects. The course is designed For novices,   No previous 3D design experience required





Course intro

Software installation

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Basic Introduction

Navigation and shapes

Assembly basics, Short keys and tools


Ice Cube Tray

Hexagon Nut

Advance fundamentals

User parameters (Table project)

Bodies & assembly

Render & Animation

3D print export

Section Outro

Final Section

Complete Assembly project