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MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 3 – Part 1 course focussing on 3D Animation Movie-Making Tool Plotagon

What you will learn

Create stunning 3D animation movies at incredible speed in 2021.

Know about great other screen-casting platforms for video editing.

Know about a new facial mocap platform for 3D animation creation

Learn about the various benefits of Plotagon and how to use the software


Welcome to the first course in Level 3 as part of the series “MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation”.

With this mind-blowing ultra-speed course on creating 3D animation movies in 2021, you can go ahead and bring your ideas to life with an award-winning 3D animation software taught called “Plotagon”. Plotagon is the only software in the market that allows you to create amazing 3D animation videos in the fastest time possible using highly-futuristic technology. With Plotagon 3D animation software, you can promote your business, engage your target audience segments, or educate your employees as it is a simple, yet powerful tool to leverage. With Plotagon you can thus create professional animated videos in merely minutes and anyone can work on this. No prior animation experience is necessary, at all. There is no need to study 3D animation or any animation principles for the same. No need for stretch and squash and no need to know any kind of stuff in animation like perspective or character modelling, texturing, rigging, lighting, etc.

This amazing course will cover Plotagon in-depth – like how you can set-up the software with creating characters, voices, scenes, and then we will also look at creating a great creative short film. We will look at camera angles from a director’s perspective in the film and we will see our text or what we call “film script” come to life with a click of a button.

We will also look at a great method of using character monologues – like stand-alone characters acting out something out a script with a green screen background.

In the end, we will look at new screen-casting tools for chroma keying, an online video editing tool, and a never-before-heard facial mocap tool with futuristic technology. This facial mocap tool will make characters – especially 3D characters imitate whatever action you are doing using your webcam.

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So, enrol now, there is a lot more to discover here in this course.

What are you waiting for? There is no time to waste. You would have already created a 3D animation movie by now and made your movie-making dreams come true. Don’t worry – you’ll thank me later, Mr. Director. Oh, I meant “3D Animation Film-Maker”.



Using Plotagon in 2020: Full in-depth tutorials (Ultra-Speed)
3D Animation Film-Making: What is Plotagon?
3D Animation Film-Making: Animation Dashboard and Creating 3D characters
3D Animation Film-Making: Creating a 3D short film with Plotagon in 10 minutes.
3D Animation Film-Making: How to work on stand-alone characters on Plotagon?
Bonus tools: For Screencasting & Facial Mocap
3D Animation Film-Making: Special – Helpful tools for more learning.
Bonus Lecture: Take your prize