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Learn useful tools and essential techniques from cognitive therapies, positive psychology and faith-based systems.

What you will learn

You will learn 10 Best Anxiety Tools for Pandemics

You will learn methods and techniques for easing stress and anxiety that can also be used on a daily basis

You will learn to come up with the contingency plans or practical solutions you would turn to if your worry was to actually materialize.

You will learn to challenge your thoughts, also presents you an opportunity to assess situations and possible actions you could take.


Recently, the world was thrown into a panic mode all thanks to the emergence of COVID 19- a viral disease that has caused so much turmoil not only health-wise but also in other aspects of life. A new normal, a quite paradoxical one, came into the picture : staying away from loved ones for safety, keeping our children out of school to secure their future, among other measures. This strange disease seemed to strike overnight, and before the world could establish some plans to mitigate its effects, there had already been massive destruction. However, how proper these “proper mitigation plans” are, remains a bone of contention because in a way some of them seem to amplify the effects of the virus, what with the quarantine, colossal loss of jobs, impromptu closing of schools, etc. All these adjustments have had a huge impact on people’s health, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally.

As the world continues to further its understanding of the novel coronavirus and putting some safety measures into place, the tide has somehow fallen to some degree, and little semblance of normalcy has returned. Now, with each new sunrise we are all awaiting some signal that it is all over- the nightmare is gone and our lives can revert to factory settings but between the signal and the reality there is some vacuum for us to make peace with the new normal. As a result of this, we all have persistent questions in our minds. Will the end ever come? When will that be? What will it look like? Suppose it doesn’t even come?

This workshop guide seeks to provide tools for alleviating the emotional and mental pangs of COVID 19, which in turn plays a great role towards ministering to the physical aspect.




Welcome to the Workshop!

Episode 0 – Welcome to the Workshop!

Contingency Plans Tool

EPISODE 1 – Contingency Plans Tool

The So What Tool

Episode 2 – The “So What Tool”

The 95% Rule

Episode 3 – The 95% Rule

What Will You Wish You Had Done?

Episode 4 – What Will You Wish You Had Done?

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If You Think You Are Enlightened…

Episode 5 – If You Think You Are Enlightened…

The Growth Opportunity

Episode 6 – The Growth Opportunity

Reach Out To Someone & De-Isolate

Episode 7 – Reach Out To Someone & De-Isolate

Hidden Blessing Everyday

Episode 8 – Hidden Blessing Everyday

Less Covid-19 in the Forest

Episode 9 – Less Covid-19 in the Forest

Put the FUN Back in DysFUNctional (Extra Episode #1)

Episode 10 (Extra Episode #1) – Put the FUN Back in DysFUNctional

What If-ing The What If’s (Extra Episode #2)

Episode 11 (Extra Episode #2) – What If-ing The What If’s

The Conclusion

Episode 12 – The Conclusion